Hi I am Lara, a curious UX DESIGNER.
My curiousity leads me to always search for new problems to solve, insights to find, tools to use and ideas to actualise.
UX Design | Inclusive Design

How could an assistance system of the future for blind people could look like? In this project awe developed the concept of the robot „Spot“, which can help blind people as well with orientation as with social interaction.

UI/UX Design
How does future mobility look like? A interaction concept for children using self-driving cars in future.
UX Design
How can we reduce the trash produced everyday? Maybe with the new improved smart shopping cart. It helps you to understand the trash impact of your purchase.
VR Game Design

A game that uses VR-technology to show people how the sensor of robots work. Therefore it uses storyboarding to create an immersive and motivating learning environment.


That makes me happy.
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